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I be new here mates!!! I be here for many, many reasons these be only some:

  1. I lo0o0ove Pirates!! *sings a pirates life for me*
  2. Jhonny Depp be my love <3
  3. Because I loved PPTC savvy??

In other news: today be "talk like a pirate day!" (yes thats why I was talking all weird hee)

~Drink up ye hearties yoho!!

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Do you like cheese?
I like cheese
And did you know that penguins cant fly? :(
I know, its sad :(
Cheese is goooooood! :D
I LOVE cheese!! *yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum*
except BLUE cheese *frowns* blue cheese is evil!

yes I know that penguins cannot fly *cries*

but I was more DEVASTATED when I discovered that FLAMINGOES cant fly *cries harder*

do YO like flamingoes???? I do! I do!
Heyy!! So glad you joined this community!
hmm... u really must like cheese cuz you asked me the same question!! *laughs histerically*
Well I cant blame her..cheese is THAT good.

*goes and eats cheese*
HAHA! Omg! Well I guess you're right... *goes off to eat cheese as well* lol

OH! By the way, I added you as one of my friends... :D
well its always good to have friends..*smiley smile*

think i'll go add you as well *adds*

I found some fellow mates that love POTC.(and Johnny too.)
I celebrated "international talk like a pirate day" by watching POTC, @ like 10:00pm.
Can I join this wonderful club of pirate paradise?
of course you can!