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okay, I'm a new member, and to celebrate my joining, I shall post a POTC story!!!

TITLE: Final Thoughts

RATING: PG-13 for thematic elements.  Okay I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool lol

SUMARY: What the characters were thinking during Jack's hanging before they saw Mr. Cotton's parrot


Final Thoughts


DISCLAIMER: don’t own blah blah blah!


Captain Jack Sparrow


It’s Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow.  Why can’t they ever get it right?  My crew has abandoned me, but I blame myself since I told them to keep to The Code.  The bloody, stupid, Code. (sigh)  At least I kept my promise.  Not to Will, but to his father.  Before the mutiny, I swore to William, or Bill, that if I ever saw his son, I would keep him safe.  And safe I did.  Arson?  That wasn’t my fault!  Oh well, if this was a story, Will and Elizabeth would be together but no, she had to go and get herself stuck with Norrington.  Impersonating a cleric?  That was fun.  Hey, half of these things weren’t totally my fault.  It doesn’t matter. He’s coming to the end of his speech.  Oh God, the hangman is coming to the pulley.  It’s almost over.  I’m all alone.  God forgive for everything I’ve done, for everyone I’ve hurt, and for the people whose lives I ruined.  No one is here for me.  I’m all alone and- is that Mr. Cotton’s parrot?


Will Turner


Why do they never call him Captain?  Probably because he’s a pirate.  This is wrong.  He in essence saved most of us.  Okay, so his plan didn’t exactly go perfect, but he got the gist right.  I can’t believe his crew has left him to die.  No heroes amongst thieves.  Elizabeth looks beautiful today.  That was wonderful what she did to save me, but now she has to spend the rest of her life with Norrington.  Now I wish she would have left me to die.  In all honesty, I don’t want to live without her.  Hey!  Mr. Cotton’s parrot!  I have an idea.  First I must go tell Elizabeth something important.



Elizabeth Swann


        I can’t believe this.  Jack did not do anything wrong.  Here at least.  On the island, he was telling me the truth behind the stories and most of them weren’t his fault.  But no one listened to me because I’m a girl.  “Keep quiet Elizabeth and let us men handle this.” They say.  It’s bloody stupid.  Girls are smart and we have opinions too.  James looks so proud of himself.  I guess he should be allowed to.  He caught the pirate he’d been trying to catch for a long time.  And he gets me as a wife.  Now I’m pledged to a man that is not the one I love.  I guess in time I could learn to love him, and as father says he does fancy me, so I guess he’ll probably be nice.  At least I saved Will.  I love him and wish with all my heart that I could marry him.  Oh- here he comes.  What is Mr. Cotton’s parrot doing here?


Governor Swann


        Another pirate hanging.  It’s amazing how many people always show up for these.  That pirate got what he deserved.  From using my daughter as a bargaining tool, to conning Will into releasing him, to getting some of our fine soldiers killed, this isn’t enough for him.  Elizabeth looks lovely today.  Oh, her and Norrington will be a lovely couple.  I’m so proud of her decision even though I do worry about the circumstances that made her accept.  I wonder; did they get that arm out of the ship?  I don’t like watching these hangings, but as governor, I have to.  Ah, here comes Will.  Is that a parrot?


Commodore Norrington


        For once I have succeeded.  Twice for that matter.  Not only do I get to see the hanging of Jack Sparrow, who I’ve been after for quite some time, but I get to marry Elizabeth Swann, who I’ve fancied for a very long time.  I do worry about the circumstances when she did accept, but no matter.  She said that even if I didn’t rescue that Turner boy she would still marry me so I believe it.  Maybe Turner can find someone else.  Oh, here he comes; I must relish this moment and - what kind of hat is that?  Argh, bloody parrot squawking.



A/N: I’m working on a few new stories that will be posted later this month.  This was just a

spur-of-the-moment-bored-during-religion-class thing.




























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