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A pirate's life for cheese!!!

Pirate Souls
Port Royal/La Tortuga
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Pirate Souls!!!

For people like me who are slightly nutty (or totally insane) like pirates, and... umm... BLUE MUSHROOMS!! w00t...
No rules about who joins the community but these are some rules of posting:

*Be nice! We want to have fun and be happy, so please try to be pleasant.
*No disriminating against anyone! That includes racial, age, sexual orientation, beliefs, religion, whatever... NO DISCRIMINATION, OK?
*There aren't any restrictions against what you can post, but if there's "bad" stuff (for example, an NC17 slash story, or whatever...) put it behind an LJ cut and put a warning above it. (This doesn't count for swear words. Swear all you like, but not excessively, ok?)

Sooooo.... readysetgoJOIN!!! W'ARK!